Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The "Paris Ad": Yes, get a life!

So the moralists are up at arms about the Carl Jr. Ad featuring Paris Hilton in a swimsuit that is less revealing than most evening gowns at the Oscars. She's washing an SUV while chowing down on a big burger.

And the bible-thumpers and freedom-haters are screaming bloody murder over this! They are demanding that the FCC punish the sponsor for DARING TO OFFEND THEM!

You know what? Mike Straka over at Fox News got it right... so I'll just drop a link and let you read it for yourself.

And I agree... yes, these moralist groups like the Parents Television Council (a.k.a. the "Right To Censor") and the American Family Association (who?) need to desperately get a life.

The problem is, though, that THIS IS their life! This is the only thing that gives these pathetic dysfunctional people purpose. This gives them exposure and respectability... and, more importantly, it gives them POWER! If they had a life, then they wouldn't have all of this power and attention. So for them it's a pretty good exchange.

Conversely, the more these moralists get their Jesus Underroos in a bunch over Paris Hilton, the more attention she gets, which feeds her own ego and her own publicity machine.

You have to wonder sometimes if the moralists are actually working for the groups that they claim to be offended at.


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