Friday, May 20, 2005

Quick Apprentice Finale...

A quick Apprentice Finale deserves a quick blog comment...

First, I'm glad Donald Trump decided against dragging the finale into three hours like he did the last time. That was just stupid.

Second, the hour-long finale show had just too many damned commercials! Nobody could really make their point without being pressed to go to another commercial! That was just as bad as trying to stretch it out to three hours and then try to find something to say to pass the time away. Someone didn't do their job in mapping out the commercial breaks.

So the worst that Trump could pin on Kendra was that she cried after the final challenge? Hey, after pulling off a great show like that, she deserves a cry or two.

Trump constantly brought out the fact that Tana privately belittled her workers at the start of the final challenge. Hey, how many times did Trump hound Raj for being a horndog? How many times did he hound Chris for chewing tobacco? I'm sure Trump had a few choice things to say about Kristin, Brian, and Chris as well, the only difference is that he didn't say them with a camera in his face.

So they brought up the whole Pontiac challenge again... so Tana is trying to take the credit for their success while Kendra did all of the work? That's pathetic! Trump should have berated Tana for abandoning Kendra and leaving her to do all of the work herself.

I'm glad that Kendra won. She deserved it. And another first... the first female Apprentice!

I get the sneaky suspicion, though, that this show may have jumped the shark... simply because of how they wrapped things up this time around. No real promos, just quick plugs for future shows. "The Apprentice - The Musical"? Yeah, I'll go see that one right after I spend one penny to watch "Jerry Springer - The Musical".

The previous Apprentice finale sucked because it was way too long. This one sucked because it was way too short. I think that making it 90 minutes would be a nice balance.

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