Monday, July 19, 2004

News Flash: Bush Junior DID NOT Lie!

So the big, big news over the weekend is that the 9/11 Commission agreed with the assertion made by British Intelligence that Saddam Hussein DID try to acquire uranium from Africa.  Of course the media is trying to hype it as being a new revelation, but it wasn't.  This was the revelation brought to light by Bush Junior last year in his State of the Union speech.  You know, the one where the liberals are all chanting "Bush Lied! Bush Lied!"
Sorry, but you can only lie if you know that the information is false.
But now we're finding out that quite possibly it WASN'T false!  Worse yet for the liberals, this could also be verified by Italy... and, of all places, Socialist France!  Wow, the surrender monkeys from the Axis of Weasels might actually have to admit to it!  That's scary!
So I have a challenge to my liberal readers out there... if this is true... if indeed France and Italy and the 9/11 Commission can verify this claim that Saddam tried to buy uranium from Africa... are you willing to apologize?  Are you willing to shut down your rabid hatred of the man and admit that YOU made a mistake?  Are you willing to admit that - in this instance only - Bush Junior DID NOT LIE?
Come on guys!  Prove you're the better group!  Swallow your pride and your ego.  Choke on it if you have to, but be adults about this!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with the Bush Junior people either.  Their pompous, self-righteous overbearing attitude, combined with the rabidness of their conservative and neo-conservative supporters make them just as dangerous as a bunch of Shiite clerics in Basra.  We're in some dark times in terms of freedom in America, and they'll get even darker if Bush Junior wins in November.  Yet at the same time, though, you have to be willing to admit when the cons and neo-cons are right about something, even if it means taking away your favorite chant.
By the way, I'm not going to hold my breath on this... I seriously doubt too many liberals will take me up on my challenge.  They still refuse to admit that Bush Junior actually WON the Florida election in 2000.

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