Friday, July 23, 2004

Dave FM and other radio stuff

Some local radio changes here in the ATL area...

First, I STILL refuse to listen to 96Rock after they got rid of the Regular Guys.  I had a hard time listening to that station anyway because they spent way too much time with BS than playing music, but when the God Squad got Clear Channel to fire Wachs and Von Hessler, I knew I couldn't listen to them anymore.

I STILL do not listen to 99X's morning show, even though I'll listen to the station in the afternoon when they bother to run music and not have BORING interviews.  Even though the "Morning X" has been changed to "The Don Miller Morning Show", I just can't stomach their antics.  Sorry guys.  Besides, the name of it blows.  Why call it the "Don Miller Morning Show" when you don't have anyone there named Don Miller????

That brings me to Z93... oldies rock.  Or they used to be oldies rock.

My good friend Dianne Chandler (Hi Dianne!) pointed me to the station when she was promoting Glamourcon's two Atlanta shows.  I've enjoyed listening to their morning show, especially when they had Art do the news.  News wasn't dry when he did it.  And then there was Mara Davis and Dunham... great duo.  And then in the afternoon there was the legendary Kaedy Kiley and her afternoon comedy bits.

Well all of that came to an end on Wednesday at 5pm when their parent channel Infinity Broadcasting (the same folks who do Howard Stern) fired most of the people and changed the name and the format of the station.

The new 92.3FM station is called... DAVE FM!

I'm serious.

The format is supposedly oldies rock for the "thirtysomethings" (of which I am one of them) that want their classics, but also can listen to the more modern stuff.

And they're promoting it as being "Rock without rules".  Yeah, right.  If you're broadcasting under the regulatory control of the Federalist Christian Censors, then YOU CANNOT claim to provide "rock without rules"!  If you don't believe me, then I DARE them to play the unedited version of Nine Inch Nails' song "Animal".  Go ahead!  Show us you that can play "rock without rules".

All I know is that I now have to tell people that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with changing the station to "Dave FM".  (If I did, then I wouldn't call it that.)  Worse yet, I did a Google search of the name and I came across a few other stations that became a "Dave FM" station.  Sounds like an Infinity cookie-cutter format here.

The good news is that I heard that Mara and Dunham are still there... hopefully that will mean they'll be back on the radio shortly for the morning drive.  I hope so.

By the way, one more thing that I noticed that I sort of like... 97Jams (used to be Fox97) is promoting themselves as R&B with fewer commercials and without the annoying DJ talk.  Well they obviously have DJ's... just no on-air talent.  I think that might be the way to go for some of these stations.  No blah-blah BS from the talent, no boring interviews, no stupid callers... just music.  Nice!

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