Friday, July 09, 2004

So it's Kerry/Edwards...

So Senator John "Lurch" Kerry finally made his Veep announcement this past week, and he basically choose the candidate that everyone expected him to pick. He tapped fellow Senator John Edwards to be his running mate for the 2004 Election.

Now some of you are wondering WHY he picked this relative political newbie to be his #2, right? Well sufficient to say it probably was the safest option for him.

A Kerry/Gebhart may have been a "balanced" ticket for party players, with one seasoned Senator and one seasoned Representative... but that would have doomed his chances at winning. Think about it... two OLD career politicians, representing the old farts of the DNC. People are looking for change, not the symbols of the status quo.

A Kerry/Rodham-Clinton ticket may be the ultimate wet dream fantasy for those liberals still pining for the days of Big Bubba Spin, but it would also be a very DANGEROUS combination. Kerry would have to constantly watch his back to make sure that another Vince Foster/Ron Brown "accident" doesn't befall him. Talk about being "JUST a heartbeat away" from the presidency! Plus, do you REALLY think that the Banshee would be content with being VP for eight years? Remember, she's the one who had a screaming fight with her husband on his inauguration about not taking over the VP office. It just wouldn't work for Kerry.

DNC players may think that a Kerry/McCain ticket would be golden, and it probably would be, but it just would not happen guys! Accept it! John McCain is a proud Republican, and now he's showing up on behalf of Bush Junior, so that little dream is just that. Besides, the Democrats would have had a better chance of pulling Senator Arlin Specter to their side, and THAT ticket would be a wash anyway.

So basically tapping Edwards is a safe choice for Lurch. He's got youth, he's got the appearance of something new, and he's got a good Southern following. He'll need that.

But I'm not saying that I'd vote for that ticket, though.

By the way, for those of you complaining about Edwards' lack of "experience", I have two words for you: Dan Quayle! Remember him? You know, Mr. "Potatoe" Head? The one who couldn't even win in a debate against a fictional CBS television character! Yeah, Bush Senior really picked a "seasoned" guy there, huh?

And by the way, how much "experience" did Harry S. Truman have when he became president following FDR's death? Remember, we were still at war when Truman took the oath of office! Food for thought.

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