Sunday, July 11, 2004

Quick Movie Review: Spider-Man 2

Okay webheads, I finally got to see "Spider-Man 2" in the theatre last night and I have to say that I was impressed!

Well okay, I had to sit through the last ten minutes of the required 15-minute commercials before the movie begins, but once the movie started, time seemed to fly... well, except when two cute girls were walking past me to get refreshments halfway through the movie. Then I was feeling a lot like ol' Peter Parker there.

If you never saw the first movie, don't worry. There are some excellent recaps all throughout the movie, including an animated (as in comics, not cartoon) title sequence that I strongly suspect was created by the great Alex Ross. (Pick up the graphic novels of "Marvels" or "Kingdom Come" to see what I mean.)

I won't go into the storyline, but sufficient to say it picks up two years after the first movie left off, and having a dual-identity hasn't been easy for ol' Peter. The girl he's been pining for has been looking for that great upside-down kisser. His best friend is on the warpath against Spider-Man for his father's death. Aunt May is about to lose her home, he's been losing his jobs and is on the verge of getting kicked out of his one-room apartment. Not exactly an ideal situation to be in.

One of the funnier scenes was Peter doing the laundry and finding out that his Spidey suit has bled into his white clothes, so now his white shirts and socks are now red and blue. I'm sure just about everyone that has ever done laundry for themselves the first time can relate to that.

Anyway, the storyline is great, the subplots are excellent, Stan "The Man" Lee has TWO cameos actually (maybe it's to make up for him being MIA from "Punisher"), and the action is outstanding! Definately worth going there at night! Hell, bring a date! (I wish I did.) There's enough stuff even for girls to like.

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