Thursday, August 05, 2004

Update on two stupid jerks

Okay, the latest random thoughts on a couple of losers who didn't realize just how lucky they were to have a beautiful woman in their pathetic lives...

Mark Hacking: This loser is currently under arrest and under mental observation for the murder of his pregnant wife Lori. As of this blog's date, they haven't found her body yet, but the police have gathered enough evidence to prove that she was killed by this jerkoff and that she isn't just unconscious in some ravine. Right now they're searching landfills for her body.

Apparently this guy is now Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, or you know that will be his defense. He lied about graduating from college, he lied about being accepted to medical school in North Carolina... those probably weren't the only lies he told his wife, family, and friends.


Scott Peterson: Here's a guy who should have been fed to the fishes. Perfect life, perfect job, great wife and soon-to-be mother, and she goes missing on Christmas Eve. Few months later, they find her body and he tries to make a run for the border.

Now he's on trial. And the prosecution was allowed to show what I thought was a very risky piece of evidence.

Apparently Laci had set up DirecTV for the house back in 2001. But two weeks after she disappeared on Christmas Eve of 2002, Scott turns around and orders Playboy TV along with a few more adult channels. The prosecution believes that this would prove that Scott knew that Laci was dead, because otherwise he would have never ordered these programs.

It's pretty damning evidence... because who would be watching adult programming while supposedly still searching for their missing pregnant wife?

On the other hand it's TOO damning. They've already pinned a mistress on him. He's already being viewed as a devious, manipulative, narcissistic killer. Now the prosecution wants to paint him as a porn-fiend too? That's just needless character assassination, and they could very well lose the case on appeal because it taints the jury.

My advice to the prosecutors is this: the evidence is important in establishing a frame of mind, but don't make this into a "porn made him do it" case. You don't need to assasinate his character because the case itself does that.

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