Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein: GUILTY!

The verdict is in… Saddam Hussein is GUILTY of crimes against humanity and has been sentenced to DIE by hangman’s noose.

I’m really not surprised by the verdict. I am surprised by the death sentence, but not of the verdict itself. This is a guy who gassed his own people… which, by the way, he still has to face trial for. This was a long trial full of changes in judges and attorneys. I’m glad that they completed it, though, which is something that was NOT done with the Serb bastard Slobodan Milosevic because the prick DIED before his year-plus-long trial could end. I half-expected Saddam to die before the verdict was issued as well.

From this point on, though, the rest of the trials against him are pretty much formalities. He’s sentenced to die, and you can only execute him once. The Iraqi courts can only add to the convictions that he is to die for, which they should go ahead and do. Saddam NEEDS to know the full extent of the horrors that he committed in his life and to face justice on them.

The name of the game at this point is to get him to the gallows so he can face justice. Saddam still expects to be released and still expects to regain power of Iraq. As long as he lives, he is considered a bargaining chip for both terrorists and his Sunni supporters. They can try to negate his death sentence, or require that his method of execution be changed, or they could outright try to terrorize the country, the region, or the world with even more horrors unless he is given his release.

We’re coming close to the anniversary of his capture. I said it then and I still believe that it was a mistake to let him live this long. The people of Iraq had to put up with his tantrums and his games while awaiting trial. Now they have to endure things long enough to get him to the hangman’s noose so he can face a punishment that will be way too easy for him for the monstrosities done in his name.

Oh, btw, read your history… Italy’s thug dictator Mussolini was hanged as well. Not only that, but his carcass was then put on display for all of Italy to spit on.

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