Monday, October 03, 2005

Flightplan Nonsense

Just want to toss in a quick word or two about the flight attendants throwing temper tantrums over the movie “Flightplan”.

Apparently the flight attendants, stewardesses, stewards, aviary assistants, or whatever the hell they want to be called nowadays don’t like how they were portrayed in the movie starring Jodie Foster. It seems that the flight attendants in the movie really didn’t care about the main character’s plight, and THAT supposedly has the real flight attendants in a tizzy.

And my quick thought is this: with ALL that’s been going on with the airlines of late… with flight attendants being fired for showing a little cleavage in their own weblogs, with airlines going into bankruptcy, with airlines defaulting on their pensions, with THEIR OWN JOBS on the line… they want to make a federal issue OVER SOME LOUSY MOVIE???

The flight attendant unions have FAR more pressing matters to deal with, and they had better focus their attentions on them and NOT on some movie!

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