Sunday, October 23, 2005

Talk Liberty is BACK!

Well I got some good news from Randy.

Talk Liberty is BACK online!

Just... not in the way it used to be.

Back in its day, Talk Liberty was a GREAT online broadcasting forum. We were doing this LONG BEFORE you even heard the word "podcasting"! Before you heard the words "Sirius" or "XM", there was online radio. Randy developed the site and provided the bandwidth, and I helped provide the content. First I did my weekly half-hour (and then FULL-hour) "Brutally Honest - LIVE", Randy would have "The Freehold LIVE", and then I helped flesh out the nightly shows with the "Liberty Free-For-All".

We had potential, folks. We had both East-and-West-Coast talent. We had people working on other shows. We were even making arrangements to have a best-selling author join in... before the Clinton Regime decided to make an example out of him for advocating (and using) medicinal marijuana in California.

Unfortunately for us, things didn't work out. Bandwidth isn't free. The people who were talking about joining in didn't. Peter McWilliams died from the side-effects of his own medication. We couldn't get advertising. The website came down.

Obviously I still try to keep things going with the audio rants. The audio rants you hear now are just a FRACTION of the talent that Randy and I gave every week!

BUT now Randy has let me know that Talk Liberty is BACK on the Internet, although for now it's primarily going to be a blog site. I'm sure that at some point Randy will include links to my work, and if there is any chance that he's able to get audio set up again, you know that I'll be ready.

So welcome back Talk Liberty, and welcome back Randy!

Jim Gordon: "You're just one man?"
Batman: "Now we're two."
(From Batman Begins.)

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