Thursday, September 29, 2005

DeLay Dethroned!

Well the news came as a surprise to this brutally honest commentator… Tom DeLay (or is it Delay?) was FINALLY indicted by a Texas grand jury! By the rules set up by the Republicans – and thankfully not changed because the public was watching – Delay had to step down as House Majority Leader, which he used to lord over the Congress like a king lording over a fiefdom.

Of course, DeLay was QUICK to castigate the district attorney as being a "rogue partisan prosecutor". NEVER MIND that this guy prosecuted far more Democrats than Republicans! NEVER MIND that this guy probably did everything in his power to make sure that all the I’s were dotted and all the T’s were crossed and all of the ducks were lined up before taking the matter to the grand jury. NEVER MIND that this prosecutor is so stringent on enforcing the law that HE PUT HIMSELF up for the grand jury once!

No, this district attorney DARED to bring a charge against KING THOMAS FRIGGING DELAY, and because of THAT, he’s a "rogue partisan prosecutor on a baseless witch-hunt."

Well too bad, dickhead! You’re out of power! You couldn’t get the rules changed to save your sorry corrupt ass and now you’re going to have to pay the price for your corruption!

Now the GOP has to worry about cleaning up YET ANOTHER mess on their hands. The Nero act over Katrina didn’t help matters much… the whitewash hearing over FEEBLE-FEMA isn’t helping either... and leaving the GOP-run House in the care of Congressman Blunt won’t help either. Blunt apparently has some connections to one of the indicted people. What happens if Blunt gets indicted as well?

Of course, being a political cynic, I rejoice over ANY career politician’s downfall. Democrat or Republican, it really doesn’t matter. But after the blatant abuse of power that DeLay showed earlier this year, I REALLY have to savor his downfall! This is a guy who REALLY needed a reality check, and it FINALLY came in.

NOW… here’s the next question on this issue:

How long will it take before Darth Rove convinces Bush Junior to issue a pardon for DeLay?

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