Saturday, October 15, 2005

A sick and twisted idea from a sick mind

Okay, if you've read my column called "Grand Theft America", then you know that I made references to a certain shyster who threw hissy fits because of "The Sims 2" game, where people can be seen in virtual worlds in various stages of dress or undress. Yes, the nudity is pixilated, but there is a quick tweak where the pixels are removed.

Well it seems this shysters is now insulting the video game makers by putting up a $10,000 "challenge" for them to create, distribute, and market a game of his creation, which involves a really sick, sick, storyline.

The shyster's fictional storyline involves the father of a victim of a murder going on a killing spree deciding to take out his frustrations on a corporation that created the virtual game that supposedly "inspired" the killing. Not only killing the fiction CEO, but murdering and desecrating the corpses of the female exec's family members, including her children. Then slaughtering everyone in a string of electronic stores, the law firm that defended the company, and then killing every executive visiting the E3 conference.

That shyster has some serious issues. He needs some serious psychological help before he becomes the next Eric Robert Rudolph or the next Paul Hill or the next Tim McVeigh.

And did video games make him this way? No sir! It's MORALISM that did that!

But he'll just blame it on the video game industry anyway... after all, responsibility is just something that is passed on to someone else. Preferably some company with lots and lots of money.

By the way, $10,000 going to charity is a paltry amount for such a challenge. You're exposing a company to potential lawsuits by other shysters like yourself, not to mention congressional hearings, possible criminal charges... the legal damages alone would drive any company into bankruptcy. How about $10,000,000 and the promise that you'll never EVER practice law or make a single complaint about the video game industry EVER AGAIN? I think that's only fair. After all, you're challenging the industry to be everything that you want them to be. Wouldn't it be WORTH putting your very livelihood on the line if you can get them to prove you right?

(Thanks goes to Yaoi Huntress Earth for the article)

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