Saturday, October 29, 2005

Will "Scooter" be the fall guy for Rove?

Here'’s an interesting thought...

Is "Scooter" Libby the sacrificial lamb for the Bush Imperium? Is he taking the fall to protect Darth Rove and the rest of the inner circle from the Valerie Plame affair?

Let’s think about this for a minute. According to the Special Prosecutor brought in to investigate this matter, every minute of the investigation was being hindered by misinformation and perjury, supposedly instigated by Libby. The charges against Libby are all based on his role in the HINDERING of the investigation, not the crime of the actual leaking of information itself.

That’s why the conservatives are spinning this horsecrap about "criminalizing politics" and spewing this myth that "it'’s JUST perjury!" Hey ass-kissers, whatever happened to the RULE OF LAW??? You didn’t tolerate Bill Clinton saying "it’'s JUST perjury", so why should we excuse THIS instance?

The special prosecutor needs something to hang his hat on. Someone has to go down for this breach of federal law. So here’s the plan: Libby is the only one of the "inner circle" with the most against him right now. He’'s already gotten one New York Times reporter thrown in jail AND put her credibility on the line over this mess. He takes the hit and puts up a good front, fighting the charges all the way. No doubt Rove and the others will all point their fingers at Libby and make people think that it was ALL his doing. Libby has his trial, maybe even be found guilty and get a modest sentence, then it either gets tossed out on appeal... OR Bush Junior pardons him. The bulk of the inner circle stays intact. The Vice-President gets away unscathed. Darth Rove gets away with it... AGAIN.

Hey, if it worked for Susan McDougal over Whitewater, then it can work for Scooter Libby over Plamegate!

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