Saturday, October 22, 2005

King DeLay: I AM the law!

You have to wonder if KING Tom DeLay is a fan of the Judge Dredd comic book.

Judge Dredd is a one-man judicial system in a fictional "megacity" in a very brutal future. People are tried by Dredd according to his interpretations of the law, and they go to prison - or are killed on the spot. He is judge, jury, and executioner. His favorite line is "I AM THE LAW!" He’s always considered to be right, and nobody would DARE question his decisions, because he’d kill them for being in contempt of court, or at least lock them up for five years. This is the kind of power that police officers and politicians in the real world only DREAM of having!

And of course there is that "I AM THE LAW" line that Dredd uses. And KING Tom DeLay would no doubt love that, because he is deluded into believing that HE IS THE GOVERNMENT!

KING Tom DeLay had to do the perp walk this past week. He was arrested and fingerprinted and had to post bond and was officially arraigned in court. Of course he WAS given preferential treatment, because HE IS the self-appointed KING of the Congress. He didn't have to be photographed with a booking number. He wasn't strip-searched or forced to sit around in a filthy jail cell with other people. He didn't have to show up in a bright orange jumpsuit.

How many other people accused of a crime get such preferential treatment? Oh, that's right, I forgot, KING Tom DeLay is NOT like any other person accused of a crime! No, HE IS THE GOVERNMENT!

And KING Tom DeLay did his best to make sure that HE DID NOT appear beaten or broken. He strolled around the process, smiling and grinning in his expensive suit like he owned the whole judicial system. And why shouldn't he? After all, HE IS THE GOVERNMENT, right?

And then, when he DID have his arraignment, the first words out of his lawyer's mouth were "Judge, you’re biased! We want a new judge!"

WHY, you ask? Well it seems this judge is not only a DEMOCRAT, but he once gave money to, and they supposedly have a t-shirt out with KING DeLay’s mug shot on it! Although flatly denies even HAVING t-shirts with KING Tom DeLay’s snug mug shot on it. Oh, I guess that’s a little detail that needs to be ignored. If KING Tom DeLay says it, then it MUST be true, right?

Apparently KING Tom DeLay feels that ONLY REPUBLICANS can sit in judgement of other Republicans! You know, that’s NOT what the whole "jury of your peers" is all about. Besides, what about when HE sat in judgement of a DEMOCRAT almost a decade ago? Remember the Clinton impeachment?

Mind you, while all this was going on, Saddam Hussein was also going through the first of many trials over in Baghdad. And his attitudes were NO DIFFERENT than those of KING Tom DeLay! He also challenged the authority of the government to try him! He ALSO pled innocent of ALL charges against him.

Then again, maybe if Hussein smiled and joked through the whole process like KING Tom DeLay did, then people might believe that he’s somehow innocent.

Look, KING Tom DeLay is someone who badly needs to be knocked off his self-appointed throne. He’s waltzing around with an attitude like nobody can touch him. He truly believes that he is ABOVE the law. Not only that, but he believes that HE IS THE LAW.

He needs to be humbled. He needs to be humiliated. He needs to have his power stripped away from him. We did that to Saddam. We need to do that to DeLay as well.

And maybe, somewhere down the line, some other self-righteous power-mad people will be joining him. It may even be sooner than you think.

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