Friday, October 01, 2010

Good Riddance Rahm

So the good news is that Rahm Emanuel, the so-called "bulldog" Chief of Staff, is leaving the Obama Administration to pursue his lifelong dream of being the Mayor of Chicago.

Goodbye Rahm. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Unfortunately this move should have happened about a year ago.

This is what I really despise about politics... the people in power are able to actually dictate WHEN they will leave and under what conditions. And Rahm's departure is certainly no exception.

Rahm is leaving after the damage has pretty much already been done to the Obama Administration. In fact, you could pretty much follow the growing failure of the Obama Administration all the way back to the moment he was tapped to be Chief of Staff.

Rahm pretty much set the tone for the White House, and that one was one of appeasement, compromise, and keep the status quo going at all costs. Fix the economy? Just pass a bill and then move on. Fix healthcare? Just pass a bill by any means necessary and move on. Fix the financial sector? Ditto.

His departure comes as Obama's so-called "financial experts" are also abandoning ship. These are the same people that kept the status quo going. Don't make waves, don't rock the boat, don't ruin a good thing... all of which would be sound advice FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! But certainly not now. Not when the economy is still sinking and millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Status quo today means the continual economic DEATH SPIRAL of this nation!

Damage done, country in ruins, mission accomplished.

So I know I'm a little premature about this, but good-bye Rahm, you "F-n R-tard". Take your "experts" with you, and I hope that you LOSE in your bid to become Mayor of Chicago so you can know what it's like for the rest of us to go on in this world.

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Diannechandler said...

I, too, am disappointed, as are so any others, in the lack of what this administration has accomplished, especially for the economy. Waaaay too many people are still out of work. Playing nicely with other countries is definitely something that needs to be done, but shouldn't OUR unemployment rate be 1st in line for attention? And how about policing those sneaky banks who have wiped people's lives out, just out of greed, then taken the profits in huge bonuses for themselves?

I think Rahm is very, very smart, but also very secretive about his priorities. And the Prez just should have pushed more & louder for the reforms he promised, and with the enthusiasm he helped everybody feel that things were going to improve quickly.

He should have paid attention to the old adage: Always give people MORE than you promised them, not less.

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Dianne Chandler