Saturday, May 01, 2010

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/01/10 Show Notes

A lot of stuff to go over this week...

We have TV channels telling to pretend they're better than they are; we have more commercials that insult our intelligence; websites that presume we'll accept anything they shove us; we have the REAL reason for Congressional hearings; and then we have broken promises and what to do then.

Lot of stuff. Oh, and I also have some programming announcements to make concerning next week. You don't want to miss out on those.

So tune in THIS SATURDAY (05/01) right here on ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central and 4pm Pacific) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under the "Classic Rock" category to see what kind of "stuff" I'll be talking about!

And don't forget that I will also be in the "Brutally Honest" chatroom at during the show, so I hope to see you there!

It's Social... It's Political... It's IN-YOUR-FACE... it's BRUTALLY HONEST!

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