Monday, May 03, 2010

Guessing the Chickenhawks

Okay... big story over the weekend... it was Amateur Terrorism weekend in New York City. Someone wanted to turn an SUV into a frag grenade. Wasn't that good, though. Only managed to set off some smoke, which alerted the police and they got the whole thing diffused before it could blow up.

Good job NYPD.

NOW... the fun part comes in. Who tried and failed?

A terrorist group has CLAIMED responsibility. But that doesn't mean they really did it. A Shiite group claimed they did the Oklahoma City bombing fifteen years ago, but they clearly didn't do it. So keep that in mind when we start hearing the news reports dealing with the progress of this investigation.

But this is not going to be about my speculation about WHO really did the deed... rather it will be on the REACTION of our most vocal extremists... the conservative and neo-conservative chickenhawks. The same ones who pushed us into two wars that we are now having to deal with. How THEY will react will depend entirely on WHO is discovered to have done this.

IF the bad guys are Muslims... Expect the chickenhawks to be pounding their chests and strutting up and down like peacocks proclaiming that their fear-mongering rhetoric was right all along. They will declare this to be nothing less than the complete and total vindication of EVERYTHING that George W. Bush and his Neo-Roman Imperium did for eight years, and they will immediately crucify President Obama and the Democrats in Congress for "endangering" the nation.

IF the bad guys are conservative extremists... Expect the chickenhawks to immediately pound their chests and scream "PERSECUTION" at the top of their lungs. Expect them to scream that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress will use this to enact the Fairness Doctrine to "shut down talk radio" and to persecute Fox News and the conservative/neo-conservative websites.

IF the bad guys are any other group... Expect the chickenhawks to blame it all on liberals. Expect them to proudly strut around like peacocks and beat their chests and proclaim "Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity were RIGHT ALL ALONG! These liberals are a THREAT to America and they have to be STOPPED!" Expect them to immediately call for a "War on Liberals" and to defeat any Democrat that is running for election or re-election in November.

Oh, and for the record, I am a LIBERTARIAN and longtime political outsider. Don't think for a microsecond that I have any appreciation for the Do-Nothing crowd. The only difference is they don't have a track record of shooting first and not-apologizing later.

Update: Turns out the bad guy is from Pakistan.

Okay chickenhawks! Prove me right! Start strutting around like you always do and beat your chest and scream at the top of your lungs about it.

Update #2: The chickenhawks are strutting!!

SQUAWK! SQUAWK! Eric Cantor!

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Carrie said...

I'd say it's more of a party of spoiled brats. They scream "political correctness" but then demand people not only not use words that offend them, but be fired for doing it *cough*Palin*cough*; knocking the olive branch from the hands of those that offer it, turning against members of their own party for having different ideas or point out their mistakes (Megan McCain), being so obsessed with stopping the other guy that nothing gets done/fixed and expecting everyone else to fight their battles (despite not helping when war called for them) and then ridicule them when they have a problem.