Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/28/09 - LIVE!!! (updated)

If the subject of tonight's show notes (not to mention the lateness of the posting) isn't any indication of what to expect, think about this...

Tonight's show will be LIVE in the ShockNet Studio! No pre-record. No casting pods. This is all LIVE tonight!

Not only that, but we will have the phone lines open for the first time on this show. The number is 866-400-6684.

Also you can join in at the ShockNet chatroom, AND see my ugly mug on the webcam!

So what are you waiting for? JOIN IN!!

ShockNet Radio!

The new heresy begins HERE!

(Update: 12/03)

For those who missed out on the show, I will have the archive up on Sunday. I just have to make some adjustments to it so the songs that were played during the intermission are removed.

I do want to apologize for how the ending was rushed. We were limited to the whole hour and I initially thought I wouldn't have the time to get everything in and it turned out it was the opposite.

The second segment dealt with my trip to the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum. I couldn't take any pictures inside the museum, but I do have the photos from the memorial up on Facebook. Someone in the chatroom said that they hoped when the 9/11 memorial is eventually constructed they have the same moving experience. I hope that's the case.

But there is a reason why this memorial in Oklahoma City is important... because here the enemy wasn't some outside force. It wasn't some stranger striking through proxies halfway around the world. It wasn't some power-mad cleric or some spoiled sheik's boy from Saudi Arabia. Here the enemy was in our own country. Here the enemy was our next-door neighbors, our friends, the people we know, people we work with and talk to, people who were so passionate about what they believed in that they took it to extreme ends. This IS the end result of extremism. These people were where the cons and neo-cons are today in mindset and motive. And if people are not careful and they don't heed the warnings that I've been seeing and that RJ has been seeing, history WILL repeat itself.

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