Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IMPORTANT news for this weekend!

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on some of the important changes going on this week.

FIRST... this past Sunday's "Brutally Honest" show will be uploaded to the Archive on Thursday. I have to do this because I will not be here on Sunday when it is normally uploaded.

Where will I be, you ask? I'll be in Norman, Oklahoma, and I will be doing my normal Saturday night show LIVE in the ShockNet studio!

YES I WILL BE LIVE! This will be the first time in about seven years since Brutally Honest (in all of its incarnations) was ever done LIVE!

RJ Evans will be my engineer, which will be a first for me. I will also have the phone lines open and I will also have the chat room going... although that probably will be RJ responding since I WILL be a little busy on the air.

I'm HOPING that RJ will have the show stored on archive for me to upload in case you guys miss it... but I really think it would be better if you guys got to hear it LIVE as it was intended.

SO be sure to join me this SATURDAY at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Norman, LIVE at ShockNetRadio.com for Brutally Honest!

And don't forget this will be just one of the three shows that I will be doing LIVE in Norman. I will be doing "American Heathen®" on Friday night... which is normally LIVE anyway but will be the first time I'll be in the studio working with RJ instead of doing it remotely through the magic of technology. I will also be showing up in the "Rock and Roll Diner" on Monday night at least for the first hour.

This will be a SUPER-BUSY weekend for me, and I hope you guys get to enjoy it as well.

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