Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 11/21/09 Show Notes

Yeah, today IS my birthday. I was actually debating about giving myself a birthday present and doing a repeat, but I'll be going on my end-of-year hiatus soon, so I figured I'd brave an hour. 

What? End-of-year? Already? WHEN? Yeah, that'll be covered in tonight's program. And that's not all too! I've got news, I've got an archive from a few years back, and I've got a new rant about an old whine.

So join me THIS SATURDAY (11/21) right here on ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time (6pm Norman time and 4pm Hefner Time) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under the "Classic Rock" category and wish me a Happy Birthday!

And don't forget that I will also be in the "Brutally Honest" chatroom at during the show, so I hope to see you there!

Brutally Honest: The New Heresy Begins Here!

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