Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I gotta call BS on this!

Check out this picture..
This was taken from my cellphone camera in a local Target store on September 29th!


Halloween decorations displayed prominently in front, all sorts of costumes and decorations and candy, and certainly the aroma of chocolate is in the air.

But what's that in the back?

Yes, that's an illuminated display for a co-opted pagan season that does not belong there for a few more months! And it's surrounded by decorations that have nothing to do with the current holiday season.

Have they confused their pagan rituals, you wonder?

No, because when I was in that same store just a couple of days previously, they were still full of Halloween celebration and still had a mix of lawn-and-garden and discount back-to-school stuff.

And behind me when I snapped this quick picture were shelves of wreaths. GREEN wreaths. Not for Halloween or Thanksgiving, mind you, because those would normally be brown and orange. GREEN wreathes are for the OTHER pagan season... the one in DECEMBER. The one that was co-opted by self-righteous crusaders.

The CREEP is in full effect.


Carrie said...

It's just the businesses trying to cash off early on Christmas. Saddly, nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Yes, festive season (as it's called in Australia) decorations - just in time for the World Series!!! You just gotta love it!! *LOL*