Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another week, another technical FUBAR (fixed)

Sorry folks, but I'm currently having problems uploading the archive.

Last week it was because Ourmedia was down. This week I can't get the upload program to log in.

Oh, and for those who were having problems hearing the show last night, I apologize. We had a double-fail between the scheduling program and the backup computer shutting down. Couldn't happen at any other time, right?

Well the show DID go on, even if we had to restart it, but if you missed out on it, you can sign up with iTunes and get the archive next week... presuming we can get the archive software to work THIS week.

Par for the course for me this week, unfortunately.

Update 09/14: The problem has been fixed and the archive from September 5th is now online and available through the Archives or iTunes.

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