Monday, February 25, 2008

There you go again...

Ralph Nader has decided that he wants another shot at the White House. How many times has he run so far? At this rate he may actually out-do Lyndon LaRouche!

The funny part is he actually got the Green Party nomination in California not too long ago when Green Party voters rejected Cynthia McKinney, who WAS on the ballot, in favor of Nader, who WASN'T on the ballot! That has GOT to suck for the former Congressional Isle Bird... losing out to a WRITE-IN candidate!

Of course the two-party zero-sum extremists will scream and shout that Nader will take votes away from the Democrats, although if they really think about it, the people who vote for Nader probably wouldn't vote for Dems anyway. And, come on guys, if Obamamania and "She Who Won't Be Denied" can't secure the votes even with Nader in the running, then their campaigns are flawed to begin with.

Besides, if you Dems REALLY adhere to the zero-sum myth, you can always counter a good Nader campaign by pushing for a good Libertarian campaign, which will piss off the Republicans.

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