Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Contest on ShockNet Radio!

Want to win an MP3 player loaded with some really NEAT stuff?

ShockNet Radio’s “American Heathen®” is having a DROP DEAD contest, where you guess who will shuffle off this moral coil before April 25th.

People keep on talking about how this celebrity or that celebrity will soon kick the bucket. We’ve had some real shockers like Heath Ledger or Anna Nicole Smith, but there have also been some folks that we wonder how they continue to keep going. Now you can figure out if you’re right, and get rewarded for it if you are.

Here’s how it works:

Listen to the “American Heathen®” program on Friday nights from 7-11pm Eastern. At three random points during the show you will hear “The Voice of the Dead”. (Great voice too!) At that point you have 15 minutes to call into the show and give the name of the person you think really doesn’t have that long to live. Be sure to have a list of alternates just in case the one you choose is already slotted to another person.

Visit the ShockNet Contest page for details.

By the way, you have to actually LISTEN to the show and call in DURING that 15-minute time frame to take part in the contest. If the person you pick kicks the bucket on or before April 25th, YOU COULD WIN!

And what do you get if you win? The prize is a Sony 4GB media player that plays MP3 music and MPEG-4 videos. A full picture and description can be found at the contest page. This will come pre-loaded with choice programming from “American Heathen®” and Henrique Cuoto’s “Freak Forum”, inspirational sermons from the Reverend Jeremiah Ministries, and the complete album of Sister Bertha Bangers’ debut release “Below the Bible Belt”. (I’ve also told RJ that he’s more than welcome to throw in some of my works as well, which you can find over at the Radio Archive page.) But if none of that is to your liking you can always delete them once you win the player. And there will be some other goodies on the line as well, so don't think this is just about giving away a media player.

Oh, and there is some fine print attached to this… but they’re pretty much no-brainer things like yours truly (as a ShockNet host) can’t take part in this contest, you can’t personally contribute to the demise of the person you choose, and that you can’t pick any one of the ShockNet personalities or hosts (like me) to shuffle off this mortal coil. (Sorry guys, but the universe is not going to be through messing with me anytime soon.)

The winner (if there is one) will be announced on the “American Heathen®” show on May 2nd.

Good luck guys! Oh, and be sure to tune in EARLY, because some of the obvious picks are going to be chosen fast.

One more thing guys... and this is in all seriousness. I know how many contests are just ploys to get contact information for telemarketers. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Any contact information you give for this contest will be fed to the Enron File System (shredder) afterwards and WILL NEVER get sent to telemarketers.

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