Friday, February 08, 2008

"Hit Bottom"? Not likely!

Just a quick off-the-cuff comment here... the wire services cranked out yet another poll that says that our opinion of the Bush Imperium and the useless Democrat-run Congress has hit a NEW LOW. Imperium is at 30 percent approval and the useless Pelosi/Reid goldbrickers are at 22 percent!

Okay, pretending the polls are even marginally relevant, these numbers really aren't anything new because they've been hovering like this for quite some time. FoxSpin is even trying to hype it by saying that ONE OUT OF THREE Americans still think Junior's doing a good job!

One out of three! That's, like, almost half! That's good isn't it? Yeah, Junior, you keep on telling yourself that.

But the wire services think that they've "hit the bottom" in terms of public approval.

Hit the bottom? Like hell they have!

When you have people marching en masse to Washington with signs saying "RESIGN OR BE REMOVED", THEN they've really hit the bottom of approval. And THEY KNOW IT! Until then, as far as Junior and Pelosi and Reid are concerned, it's business as usual.

You want to see bottom? Here it is... courtesy of the group Disturbed and the comic book artist Todd McFarlane. Enjoy!

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