Friday, May 05, 2006

The White House Sacrifices Continue!

CIA Director Porter Goss is the latest victim of the Great White House Purge of 2006.

The funny thing is... he just got in and was trying to fix the ineptitude of his predecessor! Now if this guy was such a GREAT administrator and someone who was really doing a great job at fixing the ineptitude of the CIA, then WHY is he leaving? That's just stupid!

And rumors are abound that the Treasury Secretary may be the next to fall on his sword.

Of course, this is just a feeble Nixonian attempt at fixing the problem without fixing the problem. These fools think that just shuffling the deck chairs will save their PR Titanic from sinking.

Listen, Junior, if you want the Imperium to improve its poll numbers, then these are the people who should REALLY be purged:
  1. Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove
  2. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman
Get rid of these two, and your poll numbers will go up. Rove's departure neutralizes the Valerie Plame affair, and Bodman's departure will demonstrate to the voters that the Imperium is SERIOUS about getting America off foreign oil.

Oh, and let VP Cheney stay in... bad ticker and poor marksmanship and all... because that's probably your best insurance policy... just like Dan Quayle was to your father.

And every day that goes by that these two aren't joining the unemployed is another day closer to having the DEMOCRATS win in the November elections, and THEN the Imperium will have to worry about the President getting laid off... through impeachment.

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