Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Reason Why The GOP Abandoned Me

Okay, so I come home, thoroughly pissed off at some of the bad turns of the day, and I get two messages on my answering machine. One of them is from a good friend of mine who lost her computer’s motherboard. That really sucks!

The other is from the Polk County GOP! It’s a TELEMARKETING call! They want me to attend a GOP rally in Polk County.

Folks, I’m NOT with the GOP! I left them over a decade ago when they left me and people like me after the ‘88 elections. And I sure as hell don’t live in Polk County! Why the hell am I getting a phone call from the GOP for a county that I don’t live in? Who’s the corrupt politician that sold my name for that list?

So guess what? I’m going to broadcast the number to everyone! I can’t get the number blocked… and because it was a political party making the call, the Do Not Call law doesn’t apply here.

This is the number of the stupid-ass GOP telemarketer who had no business calling me: 708-857-5009

And I don’t know who I’m pissed off with more… the stupid-ass GOP telemarketer for calling me when I don’t even LIVE in Polk County… or BellSouth, for not letting me block this stupid-ass GOP telemarketer, and for letting it get past the "anonymous call blocking" feature that I’m PAYING for! Why the hell am I paying for a service that I can’t even use because of these BS rules about which number I can block? I’m PAYING for the option to BLOCK a number, so I want that number BLOCKED! PERIOD! That’s what CALL BLOCK means! They don’t get to call me! Ever!

I have had it with these telemarketers! I’m posting numbers! Every single telemarketer that foolishly calls me will end up right here on my blog page! I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you’re trying to sell me, you've pissed me off, and you’re going to get named.


Lena said...


Thanks for leaving this blog otherwise; I wouldn't have known who was calling and HANGING UP on me! After being hung up on several times by the same incoming location (number on caller ID) I finally took the time to look the number up on Google. I found your blog. Thanks. I thought I was annoyed before... now I'm really steamed! About a week ago, the "GOP" called in an attempt to raise funds and after my nicely saying "no" several different ways (to the caller's repeated requests for differing amounts of money), I finally asked his name and then politely said "ok well (so-n-so), we just aren't going to be giving right now but, thank you for calling" (or something to that effect). After keeping me on the phone with their canned spills about why they need the money to beat the Dems, he, apparently, realized that he was not going to get a donation so he insincerely and ABRUPTLY gave their name or phone number (as an identifier), said thank you, and hung up. I thought that was incredibly rude but, it's noting compared to the calls and hang ups I'm getting from that number now! I receive them at least once per day! Was he annoyed that I didn't give any money? I couldn't have been nicer and I'm sure not everyone gives... perhaps he has a quota of calls to make and the phone numbers are not registered - just that he has made a connected call! Hummmm... He may have found that I'm usually home at any time. This is sounding much more probable. Either way, what a jerk. I already hate telemarketers because I'm juggling a newborn, a toddler, their messes, house cleaning, dinner making, diaper changes, laundry, etc., etc. and to be stopped by an unwanted caller is bad enough. Now, I get to the phone and, if I don't look at the number in advance, I get hung up on! By the way, if I do answer the person usually waits about 5 seconds before hanging up (perhaps giving the call-counting equipment time to log the call?). So now, I'm going to have to make a complaint to the Illinois GOP (Polk county you said?)! ... Wait, I just called the number and a recorded message says you have reached Edge Teleservices who is making the calls "on behalf of their client" (here, the GOP) and says to leave your name and phone number to be removed from their call list. Of course, the mailbox is full so you CAN'T leave your information! Although I've already spent too much time on this, I'm now going to have to follow-through by looking up the company, calling, and requesting an apology in writing. (I'll give them the dates and times that I was called and hung up on. Hooray for caller ID's call log!) Ok, that's enough. Now I'm further behind on today's to-do list but at least I feel better. Thanks again! Have a great day!

Anonymous said... is a good place to find WHO these people are.

ronald_l_clark-google said...

First I find the calls are from Edge Teleservices and looking that up I find their address. Googling their address gives me this name and website:

Address Book e-Services Group International, e-Services Group ...
Location: California 350 West Arden Avenue, Suite 108, Glendale, California, 91203 USA Phone: 708.857.5000 Fax: 708.857.5029 ... - 60k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

I called and was given the same message that they close at 4:30pm. But if you follow the web link it shows a telephone service that is international in scope. I personally feel that we/I have pissed off a telemarketer and he takes revenge by putting you in a data base that just calls you when ever and does not bring the marketer on to the line. However, I have only received calls during US hours up to say 9pm. I have a way of blocking blocking these calls by setting up my director of blocked calls my self. But I do record what numbers are calling me and am planning to sue under the national do not call list/law. But I need documentation.

lorrwill said...

Total BS! Why do they call and just hang up? Does this telemarketing service pay their people in crack?
(found your post after Googling 708-857-5009 after some douche called from that number and hung up.)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog like everyone else did, by Googling 708-857-5009. I screen all my calls by viewing my caller id before I even answer the phone. If I do not recognize the number or company calling, I simply do not answer the phone, which is what I did in this case. I have privacy manager on my phone, so any callers who have a private number either has to put a code in or name themselves, so 99% if the time all my caller id number's have a name. In this case, the name EDGE TELESERVICE came up. I thought, "who the heck is Edge Teleservice and why are they calling me", since I have no dealings with this company, I simply did not answer the call. No message was left on my message center, so in my mind I think, if you cannot leave a message then the call was not important and not for me. Thank you for your post, and allowing me to leave a comment. God Bless.

David 2 said...

The hanging up is a tactic used to verify that the line is still active. You pick up, and your number gets verified in their database.

"Okay, that person is there, we can continue to harass them."