Friday, May 05, 2006

Empty on ideas or Empty on Resolve?

A picture speaks a thousand words...

So the question is... does the "E" mean empty on new ideas or "E" on empty on resolve to do what needs to be done? "E" certainly is the appropriate symbol of his mythical "political capitol" and on his general approval.

Few suggestions:

  • Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, the guy who is pimping us out to foreign countries so we can continue to be addicted to foreign oil, is still in office. Fire his sorry ass and you will guarantee a higher approval rating.
  • If you want to really impress the American public about raising CAFE standards, forget 5-year plans. Have CAFE standards START at 40mpg for ALL new vehicles by 2007. That'll show the American people you mean BUSINESS.
  • Call a manditory meeting - open to the press - for the EPA, Interior, and Energy and announce that you're going to perminantly scrap the "boutique blends" and come up with ONE universal refining formula for the whole country, and it will be up to these three departments to come up with it.
  • Repeal the SUV tax break. Give it instead to people who buy cars with a fuel economy over 50mpg.
  • Repeal Bill Clinton's executive orders that declared vast areas of potential oil fields as "endangered".
  • Green-light Montanna's plan to convert coal into oil. It wasn't cost-effective as long as the price of crude oil was above $40/barrel. We're WAY past that point now.
THAT is what a TRUE leader would do, people! And that's just the tip of the iceberg of things that should be done to resolve this problem.

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