Monday, May 08, 2006

Cruise: It's Not About YOU!

I have an open message to Tom Cruise... scientologist, actor, new daddy...


By "IT" I mean these publicity junkets for your movies. You know, the ones that sorta-kinda aren't making that much money as expected.

By all accounts, "M: I3" and "War of the Worlds" should have done great in the box office. They should have brought in the big bucks. Instead, they brought in mediocre money.

Do you know why, Tom? Look in the mirror.

When the media went looking for the scoop about these movies, they instead had to deal with "TomKat"... as in you and your girlfriend Katie Holmes. First it was "TomKat" in love, now it's "TomKat" with baby.

I've got news for you, Tom... people don't go to the movies to see "TomKat". They get enough of that on TV. They go to the movies to be entertained. They want to see a story. They want to see a character who happens to be played by you. They DO NOT want to see YOU, who happens to play a character!

Remember those other movies you did... the ones that brought in the biggest bucks and made you the star name that you are today? Guess what was missing from them? The minutae about your personal life! Remember the movie you did with your previous wife? Sorta-kinda flopped didn't it? You know why? Because it was all about you and your wife!

Get the picture?

Look, I'm glad you found someone new in your life, and that you're both happy enough to bring in a new tax deduction. Good for you! But you need to keep what you do in perspective, because these studios aren't spending big bucks in movie promotions just so you can put your personal life in the spotlight.

So before your next big blockbuster movie comes out, Tom, you take Katie and little baby Suri someplace nice and quiet for your wedding. Have a nice honeymoon. Let the "TomKat" thing fade away, and your next movie will probably be another big box office bonanza.

Just remember that it's NOT about YOU.

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