Monday, May 15, 2006

SpeakSpeak, where art thouthou?, the blogging website that was started to supposedly counter the bible-thumping, freedom-hating censorship groups, has been offline for well over a week now, and someone like me has to wonder what happened to it.

Okay, so there are several MILLION blog sites out there today... and thanks to, there are plenty more every day (and yes you can find me there as well), but you don't find too many of them that are done specifically to counter the moralist groups like the Parents Television Council.

And that makes you wonder WHY suddenly went off the grid. Did the moralists get to them? Did the moralists get to the privider? Remember, these people have connections to those in the GOVERNMENT. It's not hard to come up with some sort of behind-the-scenes wrangling that comes out of a Tom Clancey novel.

And why do I care? Well because I checked these things on occasion, and yes I even post some thoughts to some of their entries on occasion. Yes, any promotion for my own blog helps.

So if anyone has any word as to what happened to SpeakSpeak, please do telltell in the comments section, and I'll try to keep you updated on this.

Update (05/28/06): is still offline, but I have been assured by someone in the know that this WASN'T because of the government or the moralist groups. I'd like to be 100% certain of it, of course, but I've seen the extent of what moralists can do to get what they want. Still, I'm hoping that at some point, the owner of SpeakSpeak decides to restart this.

In the meantime, head on over to TV Watch and check out their stuff. Hopefully we can keep interest going and keep the fight for free speech going.


Eric_Jaffa said...

The website is down and I do not know why yet.

I am not the owner, Amanda Toering is.

I'd like to continue blogging.

Paul said...

David's right - definitely check out TV Watch, at, to fight for free speech and add some much-needed balance to this debate!