Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Regular Guys going back to 96Rock!

The big news: after spending a little over a month on "dorky 640" AM radio, the Regular Guys will be going home!

Apparently this brutally honest commentator wasn't the only one who wrote off 96Rock after the Clear Channel Decency Gestapo suspended and fired Larry and Eric for something their engineer did. People just weren't listening to the syndicated morning claptrap that took their place. In fact, I believe that right now the only ones who are listening to 96Rock in the mornings are three members of the anti-freedom group Parents Without Taste, who are eager to fire off another round of fax complaints to the FCC if they hear the word "cleavage" on the air.

At the same time Larry and Eric's resurrection tour on WGST has been frustrating all around. WGST is a news channel, used to taking breaks every six minutes to give the weather and traffic. It takes Larry five minutes to get to his point, and then they have to take another break. That and WGST picked up coverage of the Atlanta Braves, and they were sending the Regular Guys over to Turner Stadium to broadcast to an empty field. What the hell were those suits smoking when they came up with that loser of an idea? The last time they had an idea that sucked that badly, it was called "Planet Radio".

So the word is out: The Regular Guys, Clear Channel's cheap version of Howard Stern, will be going back to 96Rock.

But before you make the jump (and I start listening to them again), here are a few suggestions:

1 - FIRE THAT ENGINEER! This is the guy who kept his job while Larry and Eric got fired, when he was the one who made the screw-up in the first place. If you can't fire him, then at least use him for target practice instead of Southside Steve.

2 - Tell Martha Zoller to read the US Constitution and to shut the hell up! She's the one that helped get the Regular Guys fired the first time around. She's got her own show over on AM550, and that's where she should have focused her concerns on. She's got the venue to vent about other radio stations, so she has no business whatsoever trying to dictate how other radio stations should operate!

And 3 - Larry and Eric, hedge your bets and have the folks at XM Radio on the speed dial. Stern picked up a sweet deal with Sirius, so I'm sure XM wouldn't mind a little friendly competition.


Rita said...

Nice to see a fellow Georgia blogger. I wonder if Southside Steve will give up the afternoon gig with Rhodesie to go back to early morning insanity with Larry and Eric?

David 2 said...

From the little that I've been listening to on 96Rock after the Regular Guys came back (I was serious about writing that station off when they got fired) leads me to think that Steve would stay in the afternoons, at least for now. No doubt the CC Decency Gestapo have Larry and Eric on a short leash and having Steve being used as a human target practice or bringing back the massage parlor reviews might be too risky right now.