Monday, April 25, 2005

Gas prices are going down... no... up... no... down... no.....

So the big story over the weekend is the supposed "drop" in oil and gas prices. "The worst is over," is the magic word from the same people who were earlier speculating gas hitting $3 a gallon nationwide by the summer.

If that's so, then why is the price of gas going up again?

Gas prices were at $2.00-$2.04 a gallon in my neck of the GA woods on Thursday, depending on where you go, with some places even hitting under the $2 mark.

Today, gas prices were back up to $2.10-$2.14.

What's up with that, gas-gougers? Last-minute price spasm? A little subtle dig of the gouging knife? Trying to cash in on a few more billion before Congress passes that energy bill that they've done nothing with for four years?

All this commentator knows is that gas prices are STILL in the gouging range, and there's STILL a lot that needs to be done to fix this problem besides trying to curb consumer largesse. Even the Saudis know what our key problem is, and hopefully they'll convince Bush Junior of the real problem when they meet over in Crawford, TX, this week. Okay, so it's a long shot, but at least it beats the current tactic of sticking Bush Junior's head in the sand until after Labor Day.

Update (4/25 11pm): Did I say $2.14? Well that may have been the price at one gas station at 8am, but by 6pm, that same station had it for $2.19! It went up a nickel in ten hours time!

This is just GREED, folks. There's no excuse for this at all! We are all being criminally gouged!


Anonymous said...

When will the gas prices go down again?! We keep buying it, even though we can't afford it!

Anonymous said...

American's gave George W. Bush permission, rather a mandate, to wage war in a land where crude oil was once cheap. The turmoil created by this war has caused crude oil prices to rise dramatically because of a worldwide shortage. Why does that shock and surprise Americans?


Anonymous said...

Well in upstate NY its about $2.65 a gal. I say we need an everyone participate strike don't go anywhere not even to work after a while the economy will be so screwed up they(president/whomever)
will be begging everyone to go back to work and lower the freakin gas prices.

David 2 said...

The economy is already getting screwed up over this. Inflation is going up, stores are reporting lackluster sales, the motion picture studios are reporting less box office money, house purchases are starting to decline...

You know those "great employee deals" that are being advertised? They needed to do that because the auto companies weren't selling their 2005 stuff! Nobody wants to buy a gas chugger anymore.

And if you think that's bad, just wait until people need to buy home heating oil in the next few months!