Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hail, Hail, B16!

So the College of Cardinals have spoken, and the man who called himself "God's Rottweiler" is the new pope!

Cardinal Ratzinger was Pope John Paul II's right hand man as well as the "dean" for the College of Cardinals. Now he has taken the name "Benedict XVI" for his duties as pope. So, hey, take your pick... it's either "Benny 16" or "B16". I'm a bit partial to the latter.

B16 said that he was a "humble worker in the service of the Lord"... but he really isn't that humble. This is the guy who said in the 1980's that rock and roll was evil. He's the one who told priests in 2004 that they should refuse to give communion to any politician who doesn't support their anti-abortion stance. Not exactly something that a humble person would come up with.

And of course all of those in the Catholic Church who were praying for more doctoral change are no doubt upset over this election... but as I pointed out in my column the past week, there really was no chance whatsoever to getting the kinds of changes they want in place! Sorry, but if you want those changes, you have to purge the Church of all of the influences of Saint Paul the Zealot, and that will NEVER happen! You guys have no say in this. You never have and you never will! That's the nature of the Church.

But, hey, take comfort in that "God's Rottweiler" is 79 years old. He's basically a short-term guy, so in a few more years we'll be playing this game all over again.

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