Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Pop-Tease Strikes Again!

So Britney Spears-Federline has decided to put the rumors and speculation to rest and announce with her baby-making hubby that the rumors were true and she indeed has a bun in the oven.

So what's up with the drama surrounding it? Why play this game of denying the speculation and trying to hide the growing belly (and other body parts) for the past few weeks? I mean, if Britney was REALLY pissed off about the media's focus on her personal life, then why let the rumors fester for the past few weeks? She should have just announced it and squash any and all speculation before it even got started.

Well we KNOW the real reason... because she's still a tease. She loves the publicity and the attention, and since she hasn't been on tour or done any more albums since her knee surgery, and trying to promote this reality TV show idea of hers, she needs the attention.

Okay, fine. Congrats on passing Biology 101, Britney.

Now here are two suggestions:

1) Come up with some new songs. You can't seriously sing "I'm not a girl yet not a woman" anymore. You're just a little bit past that level now. You've got that extra time on your hands while the little tax exemption grows, so you might as well go ahead and come up with some new material so that when you're ready, you can "reintroduce" yourself to the world. Hey, if it worked for Madonna, it could work for you. (Oh, wait a minute... it really didn't. Nevermind.)

2) Lowjack your husband! You better stick a GPS device under his skin while that tax exemption is just brewing away in your belly, because you married a guy who cut and ran from his girlfriend when she was preggers. Don't presume that he won't start hanging around with Lindsey Lohan or some other pop-tease while you're laid up with the "nine-month flu". Remember, if he could do that to someone else, he can do that to you.

Oh, and stop bellyaching about the media's obsession with your personal life. Right now that's all that you have to get and keep the public's attention on you. If you want that to change, then you better get back to your "job".

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