Friday, April 08, 2005

Be a boob, get elected. Show a boob, go to prison?

Just when you think that the freedom-hating crusade to purge the broadcast medium of all things "offensive" has reached a peak... someone has to come along and do one better.

The freedom-hating members of Congress have continually played one-upsmanship in terms of punishing people for broadcasting "indecent" material. Now if you show a boob or drop the "F-bomb", you have to pay a $32,500 fine, but the freedom-haters think that it should go up to as high as THREE MILLION DOLLARS.

But now along comes Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner III. Sensenbrenner wants to do more than just FINE broadcasters. He thinks that just doen't work. He wants to put people who do "indecent" things in PRISON!

That's right, you heard me! PRISON! He would put Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake IN PRISON! He would put Howard Stern and Mancow and The Regular Guys IN PRISON! He would put Oprah Winfrey and her "rainbow party" talk IN PRISON!

Well you're probably thinking "so what? Who cares? He's just an old fart like Senator Ted Stevens is." Well not quite... you see, Sensenbrenner is the chairman of the House Judicial Committee! That means he has enough political stroke to get his ideas put to law!

And have I mentioned that F. James Sensenbrenner III is a REPUBLICAN??? That's right, he's another member of the party that CLAIMS to be the party of "more freedom" and of "less government". Of course we know that to be a bold-faced lie. The Republicans can claim anything they want to, but what they have become through their actions and their words are the party of LESS freedom and MORE government.

All of a sudden the fuss over the ABC affiliates airing "Saving Private Ryan" takes on a more serious note. If F. James Sensenbrenner has his way, ABC affiliates wouldn't just have to worry about expensive fines. They'd have to worry about PRISON TIME as well!

Now do you think I'm exaggerating when I say that moralists are a threat to society? When these people talk about waging a "culture war", they're not just being rhetorical. THEY REALLY SEE THIS AS A WAR! And now they aren't just creating victims, they're taking prisoners.

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