Friday, February 04, 2005

SOTU thoughts

Hey folks... just wanted to give a few thoughts about the State Of The Union speech.

First, sorry, but I didn't do a freedom count this year. By the time I finished my rant for the week, Bush Junior was already into his little speech. But if I did one, it probably would still show Bush Junior uttering words like "freedom" and "liberty" more times than the Democrats ever could in both their rebuttal and their various "pre-buttals".

Oh, by the way, I hope you do check out this week's rant, which talks about the Democrats and their asinine "pre-buttal" arguments.

Second... Bush Junior flipped the talk around. Normally he would talk about world affairs, and then get into domestic agendas. Now he starts with the domestic agenda and then ends with world affairs. Since he puts his greatest emphasis on what he starts out with, I can imagine Social Security will be his new crusade... as long as nobody gets him started on gay marriage again.

It's nice to see Bush Junior actually lay out the problem with Social Security in a way that people can understand. They may not like it, but it IS going broke. It HAS BEEN going broke for quite some time. It's just that nobody wants to mess with it because they don't want to cross the old fart mafia, otherwise known as the AARP.

Booing and hissing the President certainly is disrespectful, but it beats the legislative process in other countries where outright brawls start.

So now we have the War on Gangs, huh? Great... Let's add that to the War on Muslim Terror, the War on Corporate Scandals, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on AIDS, the War on Stupid School Students, the War on Indecency (see also FCC), the War on Steroids, the War on Smoking, the War on DUI... and the War on anything else that hasn't been declared "war" on yet.

Now I know why Republicans are obsessed with the early 1950's... back then there were only TWO wars... the Cold War and the Korean War.

The only "War" I ever want to be interested in is the "war" on stupid politicians who can't resolve any problem without putting the word "war" in front of it.

"Activist judges"... right! The only reason why there are "activist judges" is because of irresponsible "activist politicians" who forget to obey the US Constitution. When the President and Congress stop giving lip service to the Constitution and start obeying it like they they were the Ten Commandments, then you wouldn't see any more "activist judges".

And now the world front...

Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria... you guys were just put on notice, in case you weren't paying attention. Clean up your act or Bush Junior will start nosing in your affairs. His people are already talking about a "regime change" for Iran... and the last time those words were uttered, the bombs ended up falling.

Nice touch with the "purple-finger people".

By the way, is it me, or did every time Bush Junior introduced someone else in the peanut gallery, you started to hear the original theme song for the "Tonight Show"? I was waiting for Bush Junior to mime a golf swing while VP Cheney lets out a hearty "Ho!" Or maybe it was just because it was too close to the death of Johnny Carson.

And now the Democratic response... pathetic.

Seriously. At least they put Senator Reid up first so they wouldn't scare the children! My god, people... Nancy Pelosi looked like she had botox right after electroshock therapy! Her face was rigidly locked in a smile! Somebody call Batman, the Joker hit the House Minority Leader with Joker Gas!

"We will hold the president accountable." Yeah, right. You Dems can't hold YOURSELVES accountable! You let talk radio and the GOP define who and what your party stands for and then you wonder why you lose elections!

And, you know, Social Security wouldn't BE a problem if you guys didn't use it as your rainy day slush fund as you have been doing for the past few decades. You've been bleeding the pot dry all this time, and now you want to talk about RISKS?

Oh, by the way, did you know that members of Congress are EXEMPT from having to pay into or receive anything from Social Security? Yeah, that's somthine that Reid and Pelosi never mention to the great unwashed. They have their own cushy PRIVATE retirement system that will ensure that they retire in luxury. Meanwhile, they're busy scaring the crap out of your grandmother, who worries about whether she'll have enough money for either food or medication. The only risky scheme being played out is from Reid and Pelosi.

Look, the system is broke. It's been broke since Congress decided to stick their greedy little pork-laden hooves into the system before it was mature enough to be self-sufficient. That's decades of corruption and greed. Every attempt to "save" Social Security as is only served to bide time. It needs to be FIXED... and it needs to be fixed NOW, not when it is too expensive to do anything about it.

All in all, I wasn't really thrilled by the SOTU... but it is still important that people listen to them. After all, this is what the White House will be bitching about for the rest of the year.

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