Monday, January 31, 2005

Good for Iraqis!

So Iraqis defied the naysayers and the terrorists, and they went out and did what most Americans take for granted... they actually went to the polls and they VOTED!

And here's the thing, folks... there are plenty of voters who walked MILES to reach the nearest polling place and waited HOURS in the hot desert sun before casting their ballots. AND they were told in no uncertain terms by the terrorists that if they showed up to vote that they were going to DIE! But they did it anyway! 44 people were killed by terrorists, but it didn't stop more than half of the populace from showing up and voting in that country's first free elections in a half a century.

Cripes, some Iraqis even brought their CHILDREN with them, despite the death threats!

Now compare that to the complaints this commentator kept on hearing about the 2004 Presidential Election here in America.

"The lines are too long!"

"There aren't enough voting booths."

"It's raining! I don't want to wait out in the rain!"

"I don't trust the Diebold machines! They cheat!"

"I'm too busy to deal with voting."

"I don't like either candidate, and I don't want to throw my vote away!"

It makes us look like a bunch of lazy whiners, doesn't it?

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