Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Senator Doth Protest Too Much!

So Senator Harry Reid, the MINORITY leader for the gang of 100, is DEMANDING that President Bush pipe down the GOP spin machine being churned against him. He objects to the GOP spin machine painting him as the "chief obstructionist" in the Congress, and he is DEMANDING that Bush Junior - as the highest elected Republican in America - do something about it.

Sorry, senator, but you're pleading your case to the wrong person. You need to stop dealing with the apprentice and take it up with the sith master himself, Karl Rove.

Oh, wait a minute... asking Rove about the "obstructionist" comment is like Red Riding Hood asking the wolf what happened to grandma.

But truth be told, Reid should be glad that being branded an "obstructionist" is ALL that he is accused of. I mean, isn't that what Reid said he would be doing when he gave his various rebuttals and "pre-buttals" to the President's State of the Union speech? Remember that bit about holding the President accountable, senator? Those were your words, right?

And in all fairness, how many times have there been liberal attacks against Bush Junior? How many different ways has he been mis-characterized? Sometimes he's seen as the most evil, devious, manipulative, tyrannical man on the face of the planet. Other times, he's seen as simple-minded. A clueless buffoon. He's even been seen as an immature child. A father of two adult college-age women being seen as a child!

So truthfully, the senator is getting off pretty light by just being branded an "obstructionist".

Let's face it, folks, the political world has become a game of no holds barred smashmouth football. Bring your padding and be sure to wear a cup. We're just a couple of buzzwords away from all-out brawling on the floor of Congress, so now is definitely NOT the time to talk about being "slighted". If the senator doesn't like the pressure, then he should never have accepted the job title of MINORITY Leader.


t0m said...

Does that mean we can stop feeling guilty about all the Bush-bashing? And stop listening to Republican criticism altogether because it is obviously devoid of any constructive purpose?

Ever hear of that old adage, "The president sets the tone?"

David 2 said...

Quite the contrary, thomasj. I'm merely pointing out that the political environment has become far too caustic to get worked up about being branded as an "obstructionist". I'd take offense when they start questioning your sense of patriotism, as John Ashcroft did to his critics in 2001. Someone should have put him in his place right then and there, but nobody did.

Maybe the president could set the tone, but it's not enough to simply ask the Republicans to knock off the name-calling. It doesn't really matter who started it, both sides have to give it up in order for playground games to stop.