Monday, August 16, 2004

Gas prices ARE going up...

Okay folks, this morning the media is reporting that gas prices SHOULD be going up shortly. Sure they've been on the steady decline, but the price of oil has been rocketing to record heights these past few weeks, so you KNOW that the pump prices have to follow.

Well I've got news for you: gas prices have ALREADY gone up!

One of the gas stations that I visit regularly is probably one of the more accurate barometers of pump prices. On Thursday (8/12), the price of regular unleaded was $1.63 per gallon. On Friday afternoon, that price went up to $1.72. That's 9 cents in 24-hours, and yet NOBODY in the media reported on this jump!

And you know what? You're probably not going to hear anything for a couple more days.

For some reason, the media is keeping price spikes quiet for several days. This is the same forum that promises "fast, speedy, instanteneous, BREAKING news!"

Now I have to wonder... WHY are they systematically dragging their feet on this one issue? Why? Shouldn't "the people" have a right to know that they're getting fleeced when it happens and not seven days afterwards? Something just isn't right here...

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous, gas prices are going up and up, who suffers the middle income , yet Bush is making his money!! President Bush is an oil man, so who cares about the little people. This is a monopoly
and the government is not stepping
in to regulate the gas prices.