Friday, August 06, 2004

hate to say it... but I called it... again!

Big shocker in the financial world today. The latest employment survey - and as always you can take surveys with a grain of salt - says that there were roughly 32,000 new jobs created last month, not the 247,000 that were predicted.

In other words the predictions of our so-called "experts" were wrong.

The big reason why companies aren't hiring more people as expected? Well the guess is because of the continual increase in gas prices.

Now, what have I been telling everyone about the higher gas prices? Higher gas prices affect our economy! They aren't just a pain in OUR personal wallets. Higher gas prices affect overhead. That means more money that has to be spent in order to produce the goods and services that are needed. Yes, it could mean higher prices and inflation, but in the short run it means less available money for businesses to invest in things like raises and new jobs.

The good news has been that gas prices were leveling off, but now that oil prices are going through the roof again, you can be they're going to climb back up soon, if they haven't already.

And don't expect your politicians to do anything about it... well except TALK about it, and blame it all on the opposing party.

Let me tell you folks something... if we really carried out all of the plans made by our elected grifters and shysters for the past THIRTY YEARS to wean America off of foreign oil, our pump prices would not have been so skittishly dependant on foreign oil prices. We've been dealing with thirty years of BS from our elected hucksters on this issue and they're STILL coming up with so-called "sure fire plans"!

I have one: start giving a damn about the mileage numbers again when you're looking at cars! And actually BUY a car, not an SUV! That will send a much louder message than the one you refuse to send at the ballot box in November.

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