Tuesday, August 31, 2004

News flash: Bush Junior Waffles!

President Bush just got caught pulling a John Kerry....

On Saturday, Bush Junior told NBC's Matt Laurer that the War on Terror cannot be won. In the interview that aired on the "Today" show on Monday morning, he said, quote, "I don't think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less accessable in parts of the world."

Today, however, Bush Junior flip-flips and proclaims that the war CAN be won.

No doubt this turnaround came because it pissed off too many people, which the GOP simply cannot afford to do at this point.

But there's something familliar about his original statement. You can just about apply that statement to every domestic "war" being fought by government today!

The war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on corporate abuse, the war on offensive materials... they all are not winnable by any stretch of the imagination. So what government has been doing is creating conditions so that the practice in CERTAIN areas is undesirable. They know that they can't really "win" in any meaningful way, so at best they're just making life miserable for everyone involved.

But since the politicians can't really sell that idea to the great unwashed, they continue to sell the illusion that they're "winning".

That may also explain why the Bush Junior Administration refuses to recognize terrorism being carried out by non-Muslims. Clayton Lee Waagoner, Eric Rudolph, and the late Paul Hill were terrorists in every sense of the word, but the government and the media still refuse to refer to them as such.

As I have pointed out in the past, there is no real way to determine when this war is finished. But there is a way to know whether or not we have lost this war. When America ceases to truly promote and defend individual freedom, when its people live in fear not just of terrorists but also of its own government, when people decide that freedom is an obscenity and that being safe is the ONLY thing that matters, THAT is when America has lost the war...

... and sadly, we aren't too far off from that point.

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