Thursday, September 02, 2004

New rant is online early!

Hey guys,

This week's rant is actually online a couple of days early. I did this because of the subject matter, which was the GOP convention, which will be coming to a close on Thursday night.

Now if we still had the Talk Liberty website operational with the server running, this really wouldn't be too much of an issue because everyone would have heard me do a full-hour show with that rant included. BUT since the website is offline right now, the closest I can do is do the rant and then get it online ASAP, which is what I did here.

By the way, I hope folks don't get the impression from my rant that I had dropped from the GOP this year. I made the jump to the Libertarian Party years ago. That's how long that I've noticed and had issues with the GOP's evangelical leanings. In fact, if you go to my main website and check out some of the earlier published articles you'd see that even then I was leaving hints of what I knew.

Anyway, be sure to post your thoughts here. Between Zell's thoughts and my own, I'm sure SOMEONE has something to talk about besides yours truly!

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