Monday, February 04, 2013

Brutally Honest - LIVE - 02/04/13 Show Notes

Yeah yeah, I didn't have official "show notes" last week for the debut show... oh well.

SO... it's Monday again and it's time to get ready for tonight's LIVE broadcast.

I really had fun with last week's triumphant return of "Brutally Honest - LIVE!" and I hope you guys did as well.

In fact, the discussion topic "Is it time we abandoned the U.S. Constitution" actually had people talking about it even after the show.

SO we're going to get back to it!

This week we will have that subject once again when the phone lines open.  But let's add a little twist to it... even if you're opposed to the idea of abandoning the Constitution (like I am), I'm sure there are things that you want to have fixed.  WHAT are they and HOW would you approach it?

Of course I'll still have the Quick Rants, "Rules of the Game", and the Celeb Line, so there's PLENTY of things for you to tune-in on, and also to sound-off on. 

TUNE IN TONIGHT - 8pm ET, 7pm CT, and also through iTunes through the Classic Rock section of the RADIO player.

LOG IN TONIGHT - our new JAVA-FREE chatroom is at

CALL IN TONIGHT - 866-400-6684 toll-free, US and Canada.  Oh, and please don't try to hit on call-screener Gladys.

Did I forget anything?  OH, and if you did miss last week's show, Mr. Anonymous did save an archive for us, so it'll be up on the Internet Archive after tonight's program.  BUT you wouldn't miss anything if you tune-in when the show airs, so I hope you'll join me TONIGHT at 8pm ET on

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