Friday, February 08, 2013

Brutally Honest - LIVE - 02/11/13 Show Notes

Greetings all...

I've been working on the stuff for Monday's broadcast of "Brutally Honest - LIVE" on ShockNet Radio... and since it is a LIVE broadcast, I don't always HAVE to have the show notes up right before the show.

First, thank you to everyone that tuned in and sounded off on the subject of the past two weeks, namely about whether we should abandon the U.S. Constitution.  I think everyone that called and chimed in are pretty much of the same opinion that we shouldn't, although there are some things that need tweaking. 

So we've bled that discussion subject dry and it's time to move on to another subject.

Right now I have THREE subjects on the plate for this coming Monday and I'm going to let you the listening audience decide which ones we should focus on for the Discussion Line.

Issue #1: The Post Office - We may or may not lose Saturday deliveries in August.  I'll have my own thoughts on the subject available on Monday morning through my weekly column, but I want your opinions during the show.  Are you comfortable with only getting mail from Monday to Friday?  What suggestions would you have to help keep the Post Office solvent?

Issue #2: The Next Looming "Crisis" - We are three weeks away from yet another artificial crisis created by Washington... namely the planned slashing of the budget unless GOP and the Obama White House get their acts together.  Are you as sick of this horsecr@p political brinksmanship as I am?  Let me know!

Issue #3: Mister Evans Goes To Washington! - RJ Evans, our esteemed station boss, is actually going to Washington DC this coming week to speak with members of Congress about a bill to fix the royalty screwjob that is imposed on Internet radio stations like ShockNet Radio.  This is basically the online broadcasters versus the recording agencies and their billions of dollars in revenue, and it is a battle that affects even larger broadcasters like Pandora.  So we'd like to know what you think... can Washington survive the presence of America's Angriest Atheist?  And how about this idea that Internet radio broadcasters like ShockNet Radio should be forced to fork over huge wads of cash to recording companies when terrestrial broadcasters pay NOTHING?  What SHOULD be the solution?

Also, we have some shakeups with the program this coming Monday.  One of which you've probably heard on the air.  We've had to let our temporary producer "Mister Anonymous" go.  He wasn't cutting it this past week.  SO we've been hitting Craigslist again and we will have a new "Mister Anonymous" in the producer's booth on Monday.

What else will be different? Well I think you better TUNE IN on Monday night and find out!

"Brutally Honest - LIVE!"  Monday night, 8pm ET, 7pm CT, LIVE on ShockNet Radio at and also through iTunes in the Classic Rock portion of their radio player!

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