Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seasonal Thanks and Thoughts

This is the first time since doing my last show of the year that I could get in a few thoughts.

First of all, I want to apologize for not giving you enough notice about the special live broadcast. This was something that we had in the works for a couple of weeks, but we could not say with any certainty that this WAS something we could do. RJ and his wife did everything in their power to make this happen, but they couldn't say with certainty that it WOULD happen until two days before flight time. Believe me, if we knew with certainty that this was going to happen I would have given you guys plenty of notice and would have been advertising it to the hilt that it was going to happen.

To that end, I had two different formats in mind for my last show of the year. The first format was the same kind of show I did last year, which was my final rant on politics, followed by some archived holiday specials, and then my special thanks before calling it a year. The second format was pretty much what you heard on the air, although I also didn't have a guest in mind either until the night of the Friday special. You can thank RJ for arranging Chuck's guest appearance.

Clearly doing a live show isn't the same as a pre-recorded one, and, um, it, um, showed... If, um, it seems... um... if it seems, um, like I did a lot of... um... you know... that's because that part was all ad-libbing.

But the first segment of the show... the rant on politics... was something that really shocked both RJ and Chuck. Neither of them have really heard my show, and especially concerning the subject matter, so when I really went off on a rant, they were impressed.

So first and foremost I do want to thank RJ and his wife for not only making the arrangements for me to fly out to Oklahoma City, but also for giving me the forum for the show and recognizing the talent that goes with the show.

Second, thanks to Dr. Charles A. Doswell III (aka 2BuckChuck) for agreeing to be my guest at the last minute. I hope everyone tunes in come January for his first-ever late-night blues show called "Hard Luck Chuck's Juke Joint" as well the (returning) regular weather-related "High Instability" show.

I also want to thank Carrie Kube (aka Yaoi-Huntress Earth) for all of her feedback over the past year. I wish I could have been able to read all of the feedback she's sent me, but I just didn't have the time to do that. I had to keep an eye on the clock, and I actually had to pare down the second commercial break because of the time spent in that segment.

If you missed out on the show... first, you suck... second, PLEASE listen to the archive, because it explains the rationality for the new "nickname" for the White House under Barack Obama's tenure. This will be the new reference for the White House from this point on.

A few other subjects have popped up since my last show, and since I may not have the time to discuss them, I'll give a few thoughts on them now.

DATA Repealed: This was a surprise move by the Dems, and one that the GOP didn't consider. I don't have a stake on this subject, other than it being a matter of freedom, but I'm curious that with all of the fear rhetoric about "openly gay and lesbian" soldiers, I was wondering if they can point to one off-hand if they can't identify themselves as one beyond their military attire. Go ahead Field Marshall Torquemada; go ferret out an "openly gay or lesbian" soldier in the platoon just on sight alone! I DARE YOU! By the way, isn't an "openly straight" soldier equally frowned upon?

Wow... next thing you know, you'll try to convince me that there aren't foxhole atheists... oh, wait, have I introduced you to RJ Evans? Or how about Ernesto Haibi? Boy those assumptions of yours are just making total ASSES out of you neo-cons, huh?

9/11 Responders Aid: Another surprise deal, especially after a certain Senator from Oklahoma practically vowed to kill it by any means necessary. It is absolutely disgusting that the SAME PEOPLE who in 2003 and 2004 stood on the floor of the Senate and said that 9/11 Responders deserve all the help they can get for their acts of heroism, then turned around in 2010 and went back on their word. THEY ARE SCUM! And they KNOW it!

Tax Cuts for Unemployment Aid: I had a feeling the neo-cons were going to relent on the unemployment aid, but I have to call BS on the terms. $300 BILLION in tax cuts for TWO YEARS, but they want to haggle over ONE PERCENT of that number for unemployment benefits for ONE YEAR? ONE!?! By the way, you Neo-Con ass-clowns, since you sold this idea on the PROMISE that the tax cuts would "create jobs", it's now on YOUR HEADS TO CREATE THEM! Oh, and see this neat little sharp object? I got it from Damocles. Guess where it's going to be displayed? (Here's a hint: don't look up.)

Finally... January's schedule. ShockNet Radio is going to be down a few days as we get brand new equipment in. When I was in OKC, the tentative date for this equipment was pushed back to the end of January, but now I've found out that it actually showed up EARLY. As in, as of this blog post. That means that ShockNet Radio's returning schedule is back on track.

January 14th: American Heathen® with RJ Evans, David 2, John Mill, 2 Buck Chuck, and Linda D.

January 15th: Brutally Honest with David 2

January 17th: Brutally Honest Column for 2011
January 17th: Rock and Roll Diner with C.A. Wood and RJ Evans

January 19th: High Instability with Gene Rhoden and Dr. Charles A. Doswell III (aka "2 Buck Chuck")

January 21st: Hard-Luck Chuck's Juke Joint with 2 Buck Chuck (an hour after AH)

So there you have it! Oh, and I'm also working hard on promos for 2011, PLUS my work with "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #20 (which will be released January 3rd), and a special "City of Comics Creator Compendium" #6. So I'm certainly NOT taking it easy this holiday season!

WHEW! Okay, back to work... lots to do and Father Time is NOT on my side here!

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