Sunday, July 04, 2010

Few snippets of frustration...

Just a few random thoughts of things that are bothering me...

* Why is it that best add-ons for Mozilla programs (Firefox/Thunderbird) are the slowest to be updated? I am tired of seeing applications suddenly not work because there is an upgrade to the main program and these developers don't want to keep up with the versions. Or better yet, how about a little reverse-compatibility here, Mozilla devs?

* To all the women who complain that centerfold models give guys an "unrealistic expectation"... why aren't you stepping up and speaking out when it comes to the teen girls and their obsession over this whole "Twilight" hysteria? Do you REALLY think that young girls that are pining for brooding vampires and obsessive-possessive shirt-challenged sexually-questionable werewolves are doing themselves any kind of favors down the line? At least the main characters in the "Harry Potter" series look REALISTIC, even if they're dealing with magic.

* Can the folks at SyFy at least make an EFFORT to pick movies that don't pathetically suck? Last night's airing of "2012: Supernova" was so pathetic that I would rather spend two hours watching YouTube videos of people vomiting. I know Saturdays normally suck, but for those of us who do not have a life on Saturday nights, you're really not doing anyone any favors! There are 15 million Americans out of work, so there are 15 million people that can probably do a much better job coming up with quality movies than the regurgitated horsecrap you spew that are full of bad stereotypes and plot holes so big they could be mistaken for dark matter if not for the rancid smell of rotted food.

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