Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 07/10/10 - News and Notes

I normally don't get to plug the show this early, but this time around I have no choice.

This Friday, American Heathen® will be a special FOUR-HOUR LONG show. That means a lot of work going into this show that I'll have to spend some time doing. Between this and some of the other projects I've been busy with of late (and a few other things), it was suggested to me that I should take the weekend off and air a repeat.

I don't normally do this! People know I'm pretty consistent about doing these shows. I am more dedicated to Internet radio than the overpaid talk show hosts on radio and Cable TV ever could be! That is not an exaggeration either... that is THE TRUTH!

So, my apologies to everyone who normally listens on Saturday nights (yes I REALLY DO have regular listeners) but this weekend's show will have to be entirely from the Archives! If you want to hear me LIVE, you'll have to tune in on Friday. Otherwise, you'll be hearing the best of previous shows.

Which show? You'll just have to tune in and find out.

So tune in THIS SATURDAY (07/10) right here on ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central and 4pm Pacific) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under the "Classic Rock" category.

And while normally I have the "Brutally Honest" chatroom at open during the show, obviously I won't be in there this weekend, so you'll just have to get your chat fix on Friday or wait until the following Saturday.

It's Social... It's Political... It's IN-YOUR-FACE... it's BRUTALLY HONEST!

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