Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ten Demandments

As I hinted here on the blog page, I am a contributor to RJ's "American Heathen®" blogsite, and so with the recent events (including the ones I talked about on my radio show), I came up with a really good article called "The Ten Demandments".

Here's a quick sampler...

MY RELIGION IS THE ONE TRUE RELIGION. Thou shall recognize no other religion but my own. All others shall be called “cults” or “fads” or “beliefs”, but they shall NEVER be given the same respect as the ONE TRUE RELIGION.

THOU SHALL NOT question my religion, or any aspect thereof, or any interpretations thereof. Nor shall you make my religion the subject of mockery or ridicule, for the ONE TRUE RELIGION is a VAIN religion, and it DEMANDS absolute obedience and unquestionable reverence.

You can see the rest here.

Now this actually goes hand-in-hand with this week's column, which talks about the hidden rules when it comes to the government. In both instances, we're talking about double-standards, and we're SEEING those double-standards in play.

These are the double-standards that insiders claim really don't exist, but somehow they still manage to manifest themselves. Only now, someone like yours truly has come out and actually put them to WORDS.

So please, check out both articles and please feel free to leave your comments in them.

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Carrie said...

Thanks for pointing out AH's article (even posted a responce on it.) Scarey how similar they are.