Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Heathen Is Back!

After 2 years on hiatus I'm proud to announce the return of the "American Heathen®" radio show to ShockNet Radio!

Beginning Friday, September 4th at 7pm CT, 8pm ET "American Heathen®" will be broadcast LIVE! Join host RJ Evans, and co-host extraordinaire David2, for this weekly show! It will be a funny, in-depth, provocative and hard hitting look at religion and politics, of being Atheist in America, and the benefits of the Constitutional principle of Separation of Church and State. Irreverence, blasphemy, and a general disdain for political and religious zealotry will be guaranteed! (Not for children or the timid) And, you can participate! The show will take your calls LIVE, and you can also join the conversation via the "American Heathen®" chat room!

Tune into the show through or through your iTunes (ShockNet Radio-listed under the Classic Rock and Talk/Spoken Word categories) every Friday night beginning September 4th, 7pm CT, 8pm ET LIVE on ShockNet Radio!

American Heathen®

The Evolution of a Godless Revolution

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