Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Something strange happened today

Listeners to ShockNet Radio heard something very strange this afternoon. In addition to the unusual fare of classic rock, two familiar voices could be heard on the air.

From Norman, Oklahoma, RJ Evans cut in with some quick comments about upcoming programs. He was joined in with live discussions from none other than the Brutal One from Get Brutal Productions over in Atlanta, Georgia.

That's right, RJ and D2 working together for the first time, live on the air, even though they are a timezone away.

Listeners to the program would later comment that the quality of the exchange was not only professional, but that it sounded like the two of them were in the same room, when they really were several states away.

The impromptu broadcast comes as the two were testing new software that they plan to use for future ShockNet programming. Further details will be forthcoming, although the on-air conversation did make mention of someone returning to ShockNet Radio on September 4th, described as "mean, nasty, and really pissed-off". On-air references were accompanied by the sound of a ticking clock similar to one used in "24".

Just the first of several changes in the weeks and months ahead on ShockNet Radio!

(See? It pays to listen in, even when there's music playing!)

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